Saturday, March 6, 2010

Models 2009

 My Models 1st semester

My Speed Duck

My speed Duck came out really nicely but there was a story behind it. This was a pain when building this..I dropped this model a couple of times which really made me upset. So, I had to use red pudding to cover up the holes and scratches it made. After letting it dry and all, I had to sand a couple of times to level it down to smooth the surface. Then I had to spray primer..Then I had to sand again..again and again..So then my final process was to spraypaint then I was done..but then, It was late due to my lack of care, I had a rough time with this. 
My Transition Model 

This wasnt that bad as my duck model but it left a little scratch here and there. Oh well, at least its been done with.

My Fishbone Model: Streamline car  



          My first fishbone model          

My Spaceship

I came a long way to make these models accurately. These models takes lots of time to build. Its very time consuming. The ones that are made in 20 lb foam were in my Model Making class and for the Fishbone model was one in my Fresh Trans Studio.

My first render

Apparently, I have been only sketching with prismacolor pencils and pens throughout my first semester starting this year but yesterday I had started my spring break, so I've decided to play around with prisma,nupastel rendering..
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Good Morning Detroit

A broad daylight of D where u feel the emptyness that captures within our eyes and soul.. 
Disposed picture (for fun)

                                                       Getting brighter
CCS Parking Lot


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