Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cable Car Project

Cable Car: Model!

This project is fun for me because you get to have a partner and can emerge two styles into your cable car design in one and you also get to learn and establish teamwork as far as whos doing what and whos buying supplies. Anyways, I am very satisfied with our model!
 Although..I mess up with the other half how i cut the same side view so i had to glue it back together with blehm from other scraps of foam that was cut out and fixed that up..It was a worst moment of my life but we picked up the speed of fixing and developing more unknown surfaces from sanding. Heres what we got so far.  


Main complex from this model: tail and front profile


Btw, my partner did most of the work. Haha

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  1. I dont know if its your style, or just whats "in" right now, but u tend to do use alot of curves and sharp angles. Its pretty cool, but I'd like to see you try out somethin different.



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